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Brian Marshall

Trustee & Campaigner,


I work as a storyteller, trainer and researcher in disability education, health and social care and the arts, specializing in narrative and story, communication, oracy in the curriculum and disability issues. I believe passionately in the value of the lives of all individuals, linked to each other through our shared stories.

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The implications of adopting a holistic and multimodal approach to communication


Wednesday 9th October 10.30pm BST


The webinar will be based on the research and practice drawn together in the first-ever text dedicated to this topic - Manual Sign Acquisition in Children with Developmental Disabilities, edited by Nicola Grove and Kaisa Launonen (Nova, 2019). This book integrates findings from both sign language and Key Word Sign; considers practical issues of intelligibility, vocabulary and semantics, grammar and pragmatics; and provides evidence of sign development in different clinical populations.

You are invited to participate in this webinar by bringing your own experiences and questions for discussion.


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What moves in the forest?

What lurks in the river?

Frome Festival Performance

An evening of Scandi-Noir stories of mothers, daughters and sons.

Manual Sign Acquisition 978-1-53615-377-4 (edited-Pixlr) Frome Festival brochure 978-1-53615-377-4 (SAVE40)


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Kudren - an epic of love and power


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