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By drnicolagrove, Jul 26 2017 03:52PM

Alhambra was an exhilarating evening of dance, poetry, storytelling and

song. Thanks to all who took part and the lovely sell out audience who

made the evening so special - Jaime said he felt Lorca's spirit in the


One of our poets summed it up...

If you have come down to earth I would be very surprised. I'm not sure

we have. I have no idea how many shows I've been in or readings I've

done and very few are truly special. This one was. There was excitement,

electricity and a feeling we were doing something that mattered.

We are hoping to put it on again in a Southwest venue, so watch this


Since then have hardly touched the ground, working with Openstorytellers (www.openstorytellers.org.uk) on a performance and workshop at the Glasgow Village Storytelling Festival (July 5), www.villagestorytelling.org./village-storytelling-festival/ , Creative Histories conference in Bristol (19th July), www.bristol.ac.uk/creative-histories.html and Social History of Learning Disabiliites conference (20-21st July), www.open.ac.uk/social-history-learning-disability-shld-conference

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