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Using Storytelling to Support Children and Adults with Special Needs

Transforming Lives Through Telling Tales

Edited by Nicola Grove, Published November 11th 2012 by Routledge


This innovative and wide-ranging book shows how storytelling can open new worlds for learners with or without special educational needs. With sections that outline both therapeutic and educational approaches, the leading practitioners who contribute to this practical resource draw on their... who contribute to this practical resource draw on their extensive experience, and distil their own approaches for the reader to use as inspiration for their own lessons.


Providing a highly accessible combination of theory and practice, the contributors to this book:

•define their own approach to storytelling

•describe the principles and theory that underpin their practice

•demonstrate how they work with different types of story

•provide extensive case-studies and assessment frameworks for a range of different special needs and age ranges

•provide some ‘top tips’ for practitioners who want to start using stories in this way.


Using Storytelling to Support Children and Adults with Special Needs will be of interest to all education professionals as well as therapists, youth workers, counsellors, and storytellers and theatre practitioners working in special education.



The creation myth is the story that enacts the creative power of stories, the many narratives that are going on in us all the time, and in which we live.  Scheherazade, herself a story, tells tales to you non-stop to keep you awake, and thereby saves your life as well as her own. Don Cupitt, 1991

Telling stories is one of the simplest, most enjoyable and most transformative activities on earth.  With this book we hope to inspire everyone who is interested in the lives of children and adults with special needs and disabilities – in homes, classrooms, arts facilities, social services and health services – to feel that they can tell stories in ways that are fun, creative and empowering.  






The Big Book of Storysharing

Nicola Grove


This book shows you a way of telling stories with children, so that they can begin to tell stories themselves. It has been written to help everyone who comes into contact with children who find it difficult to tell stories independently. They may have special educational needs, or be in the process of learning to speak the language of a new country, or be children who are not used to voicing their experiences and being heard. This method can be used with all of them, because it is a natural approach, based on observations of the ways in which anecdotes are told in everyday life.


Reports  on the  implementation of Storysharing in residential and day centres can be found at www.openstorytellers.org.uk.


Ways into Literature

Stories, Plays and Poems for Pupils with SEN

Nicola Grove, Published January 19th 2006 by David Fulton Publishers


By fostering an emotional engagement with literature, teachers can encourage children to make subsequent critical evaluations. Ways into Literature is in line with current guidelines and will help practitioners get started straight away by using the book's storylines, character maps, and story...


Social Cognition through Drama and Literature for People with learning Disability

Nicola Grove and Keith park

A practical literature resource for teachers and therapists working with children and adults with learning disabilities, this new book uses the context of Shakespeare's Macbeth to develop the skills of social cognition. The resource includes practical activities based on the play, a framework for linking skills of social cognition to the drama activities, and case studies of the work in practice with different groups. Through their understanding of the atmosphere, the story line and the language of the play, people with learning disabilities will be able to experience the pleasure and intellectual stimulation of engaging fully with a literary text.

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